“Someone I was talking to told me that I snored all night and I was so mortified that I went out and bought this right away. Don’t regret it one bit, because not only have I stopped snoring, but I also use it for late-night reading.”

Alexandra, Ex-Snorer

Every night it was the same ear-splitting show. When my husband’s snoring would begin, I’d poke him from his stomach to his side, from his side to his back, and over again. Finally I gave my ultimatum; ‘Either try The Snorinator™ or sleep in the living room.’ Now there’s no more poking, no more rolling, and most importantly, no more snoring. Thank you!

Joanne, Ex-Snorer's Partner

I wanted to try The Snorinator™, but I was a stomach sleeper. At first I thought, 'No way.' Then, I got kicked out of our bedroom. I'm not going to lie, it took about a week to get used to sleeping in the new upright position. But once I did, no more snoring and much more restful sleep. Now I'm back in our bedroom and living happily ever after.

Kevin, Ex-Snorer

I couldn’t ever bring myself to stay over at my partner’s house. But I got him The Snorinator™ and now we are thinking about moving in together. He actually sleeps like a rock now.

Scarlet, Ex-Snorer’s Partner

Over the years I’ve been sleeping in the guest room for weeks at a time. It was just something that I was getting used to. But when I saw this I knew I had to try it, and it actually worked unlike everything else I tried. Definitely recommend.

Bo, Ex-Snorer

I was so sick of waking up and hearing my girlfriend tell me that I was snoring. It was embarrassing. The Snorinator™ totally put an end to that. I can’t really sleep without it.

Sean, Ex-Snorer