About Us

Let’s get right to the point—we created The Snorinator™ with one simple goal:

To Help Put Snoring To Rest.

But in case you want a bit more detail, we’ll elaborate. 

We’re Lloyd and Susan Ecker, and we’re the inventors of The Snorinator™.

We’ve spent the better part of our lives trying to eliminate snoring (Lloyd’s, specifically) from our nighttime routine. And to be honest, we weren’t having any luck for quite some time.

Snoring shouldn’t come between you and your partner’s happiness, and it certainly shouldn’t ruin anyone’s life. And with the myriad of anti-snoring products out there, you’d think someone else would have figured out the solution by now. But probably much like you, we tried them all, only to find out the hard way that none of them worked for us. We were stuck in a never-ending loop of bedroom exile. So we decided to do something about it.

After rigorous investigation, extensive research and development, onerous trial and error, and years of Lloyd sleeping on the couch, we had figured out the remedy for ourselves. The Snorinator™ was born.

The days of snoring-based bedroom banishment had come to a silent, peaceful halt for the Eckers. So here we are—you probably didn’t hear us coming.

The Snorinator™ Timeline

Helping Turn snorers into ex-snorers, one pillow at a time.